Observe. Support. Engage.

A laboratory to bring impact in a visually saturated world. A support for photographers in a fast-changing profession.

on the impact of images

Cultural content production for photographers and photo professionals: Blind Magazine, online Masterclasses and inspirational documentaries.

Our missions

Understand, make, and use the images of tomorrow. Empower photographers to seize new technology and tools that can enhance the impact of photography.

to amplify the impact of images

purposeful photography

Fellowship program aimed at those leveraging visual content to bring positive change and raise awareness.

photographers start their career

Photography Career Fund to support young professionals in their early career.

About Meero

Created in 2016, Meero’s mission is to contribute to the world of photography by giving photographers the possibility to dedicate themselves entirely to their passion. From generating additional revenue to client prospection, invoicing and payments to post-production and delivery, Meero facilitates activity for creatives while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks that can slow down their daily activities.

Meero is the go-to solution for both creative business management tools and inspiring educational content. With Meero, photographers have access to not only a wide range of accounting, CRM systems, and marketing tools but also a growing list of masterclasses, technical tutorials, inspiring documentaries, photographer meet-ups across 35 countries, a bi-lingual magazine and a foundation to support photography.



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"The W. Eugene Smith Fund supports photographers whose work follows the tradition of W. Eugene Smith’s humanistic photography and dedicated compassion evidenced during his 45-year career as a photographic essayist."


W. Eugene Smith Fund

“The NOOR Foundation is an international non-profit committed to democratic principles and positive social change through the creative advancement of visual journalism and the documentary arts.”


NOOR Foundation

“FOTODEMIC is an online publication and space for visual projects that both reflect on this uncertain time of the coronavirus pandemic and imagine a better “normal” as we emerge from this moment. What kind of world do we want to live in? What is happening behind and underneath what is visible?”



We already support...

We encourage the recipients of the Meero Foundation’s actions to help define the creative processes of tomorrow and to tell impactful stories to maximize positive social change. We further envision the Meero Foundation as a hub for expression, diversity, solidarity, the sharing of human values, and as a perpetual visual laboratory.



The Meero Foundation proposes to give back to all photographers. It aims to foster expertise and awareness for a better impact of their images, and allow them to stand out in our current visual culture. We thus hope to become a trusted partner for photographers who wish to bring an additional meaning to their artistic purpose, and ultimately define the role they can play as visual storytellers.

Observe. Support. Engage.

Blind is a magazine that invites you to take the time to see, read and understand the language of photographers. Photography is a revealer and it reveals not just what our senses perceive, but also how our sensibility acts: what moves us, touches us, and binds us.

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